University of Miami

The synoptic climatology laboratory at the University of Miami performs research involving numerous applied climatological issues that affect humans and other organisms around the world. Synoptic climatology is a holistic approach to evaluate weather and climate. Synoptic climatologists attempt to characterize an entire weather situation that exists in a given area at a given time, to gain a better understanding of both the atmospheric environment and its effects on the organisms that experience it. The lab is led by Dr. Laurence S. Kalkstein and Adam Kalkstein, Assistant Professor U.S. Military Academy, West Point.

Trestle Ventures

Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Trestle Ventures operates as a venture fund, but with many of the benefits of an angel network. The investor group that makes up Trestle Ventures is a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and executives. We leverage the experiences and successes of our team and limited partners to work closely with our portfolio companies. We actively participate on the companys board of directors and assist with developing long term plans, structuring transactions, recruiting senior management, and developing and negotiating strategic relationships.

Golf Convergence

The game of golf requires one area of expertise. The business of golf requires many areas of expertise. At Golf Convergence, we create a strategic vision and develop tactical plans to ensure precise operational execution to maximize the investment return potential of a golf course. The Golf Convergence WIN formula identifies the key action points that every golf course operator can easily implement to achieve impressive results, even in these challenging economic times. This process adroitly balances the emphasis on the game of golf with the business of golf, promotes the best brand image, upgrades course conditions prudently, efficiently optimizes value of tee times, effectively utilizes labor resources, manages inventory deftly and crystallizes meaningful information reporting.

Worldwide Golf Shops

For an assortment of premium golf clubs, visit Worldwide Golf Shops. Located in Santa Ana, CA, Worldwide Gift Shops have been in the discount golf business since 1965. Worldwide Golf Shops are one of the largest golf discounters in the United States.


We understand that you need personalized tools that will help you make real estate decisions in an ever-changing marketplace. We aren’t shy to mention that our scientists are PhDs on the forefront of research and practice in predictive modeling. But what makes us really different is that our unmatched real estate experts leverage years of practice in the real estate industry to help our PhDs develop forecasting tools that provide valuable guidance for real estate decisions.


DemandTec’s vision is for retailers and consumer products manufacturers to be able to work together collaboratively and efficiently, to blend art with science to understand consumer behavior, and to ultimately execute win-win plans that achieve their respective financial objectives and long-term loyalty to the brand or retail banner.

Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA)

Weather Trends International will assist location managers in choosing the best spot to shoot a scene in a movie anywhere in the world. A movie can be filmed in dozens of countries needing all types of weather. Weather Trends is an excellent fit for the 1000s of location managers LGMA represent.

National Ski Areas Association (NSAA)

The National Ski Areas Association is the trade association for ski area owners and operators. It represents 326 alpine resorts that account for more than 90 percent of the skier/snowboarder visits nationwide. Additionally, it has 400 supplier members who provide equipment, goods and services to the mountain resort industry.

Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)

SIMA is a nonprofit trade association ensuring professionalism and safer communities by helping those who manage snow and ice master essential skills and practices. SIMA represent over 1200 snow & ice professionals in North America. They also coordinate networking and training opportunities to educate the snow and ice industry.

Retailing Today / Lebhar-Friedman

Lebhar-Friedman is the leading independent publisher and provider of information serving the retail community and its vast supplier network. Retailing Today is the premiere retailing industry publication that is targeted to and read by decision makers at all levels. WTI provides a Merchant Planner in every issue of Retailing Today that looks forward at the forecasted influence of weather for key retailing calendar weeks.

International Council of Shopping Centers

Founded in 1957, the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) is the global trade association of the shopping center industry. Its 70,000 members in the U.S., Canada and more than 80 other countries include shopping center owners, developers, managers, marketing specialists, investors, lenders, retailers and other professionals as well as academics and public officials. As the global industry trade association, ICSC links with more than 25 national and regional shopping center councils throughout the world.

Shiloh Technologies

Shiloh’s demand signal repository capabilities offers consumer product manufacturers the solution needed to integrate, harmonize and analyze point-of-sale data from retailers, third party data and internal systems information. Shiloh’s ability to improve efficiencies and identify new opportunities provides immediate ROI.

Working with retail data manually can be very labor intensive and error prone. Shiloh gives your analytics accuracy, flexibility, speed and scalability. Shiloh handles the complexities of working with the myriad of data you need to effectively analyze your business.

Doing Business in Bentonville

Led by Steve Schotta, an industry executive with over 30 years retail experience (including leading one of Wal-Mart’s largest supplier teams) and advised by a Steering Committee consisting of many highly respected leaders in the local Vendor community, DBB develops and tailors programs and services to provide information that will help you reach your full potential as a supplier to the world’s largest retailer. WTI is a frequent guest speaker at DBB’s monthly conferences.

Bentonville / BellaVista Chamber of Commerce

The Bentonville Chamber was formed in 1926 and became the Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce in 1979. The purpose of the Bentonville/Bella Vista Chamber of Commerce is to serve our members as the voice of the business community; to promote planned economic growth; to foster community interaction and provide information, leadership, and support in the Bentonville/Bella Vista Community.

Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic organization comprised of more than 5000 businesses and, as the second largest Chamber in the state of Pennsylvania, they are committed to providing members with unparalleled opportunities to enhance their business through exclusive member-only access to numerous benefits.

IMS Health

IMS is a leading provider of information, services and technology for the healthcare industry, covering markets in 100+ countries around the world. A market leader for more than 55 years, we blend industry expertise and advanced technology to deliver the most accurate perspectives and in-depth analytics on healthcare dynamics. Actionable insights, powered by superior information assets, are tuned to our clients’ precise requirements.

Casual Living

Casual Living is the only trade magazine in the casual furniture industry. It serves all retailers that sell casual furnishings and accessories as well as manufacturers and suppliers to the industry.

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