We bought all of the home center’s uncommitted air circulation orders from the manufacturers and had a great year. Our sell through was 98% compared to 85% last year based solely on a huge decision we made using your year-ahead summer forecast. A $130,000,000 win in one category.

Gordon Erickson, Senior Vice President Merchandising-Hardlines
Walmart Stores

Our company has relied on WTI’s information for several years and it has helped not only generate millions of dollars in additional sales, but also helps allocate our advertising for maximum impact. Weather Trends’ year-ahead information has been an indispensable part of our business plans with our largest customers due to its incredible accuracy.

Paul Duval, Senior Vice President of Sales
Central Garden & Pet

As former Vice President of Marketing at Kohl’s department stores, we hired Weather Trends to help us make billion dollar marketing decisions because much of our sales success is driven by the impact of weather and we needed accurate long-range weather information. Having the advertising and marketing in sync with the weather helped us continue the right message in front of customers and stock the right amount of merchandise in stores.

Fritz Frazier, Vice President
Kohl’s Department Stores

I’m delighted to work with Weather Trends to better understand the weather influence on future sugar cane trades. It’s a welcomed piece of intelligence that helps my team make better trade decisions.

Patrick Funaro, Exec. Director South America Energy & Commodities
Natixis Brasil S/A Banco Múltiplo

After seeing an Eastern US forecast for a HOT, sunny May with a heat wave over Memorial Day weekend followed by a COOL, WET, 4th of July, Mark Harris of Anheuser-Busch had concerns about decreased overall sales. 6 months in advance they made a decision based on WTI’s forecast to triple advertising compared to the previous year’s Memorial Day weekend schedule and to produce 5% more beer. Anheuser-Busch capitalized with millions in ROI and claimed to capture market share


Looking at the same forecast as Anheuser-Busch, Johnson & Johnson also tripled their Memorial Day advertising along with in-store displays at 500 Walmart stores. The result was the best week in the history of the company in sun care sales with a +76% gain when the rest of the industry was only up +30%.

Johnson & Johnson

Reckitt Benckiser aligned their TV advertising, FSI’s and Wal-Mart store displays around WTI’s year-ahead prediction that Fall would get off to one of the coldest starts in 10+ years, driving exceptional demand for mousetrap sales. By pairing marketing activities with favorable weather (every 1° colder there is a 25% increase in mousetrap sales) they achieved triple digit sales gains.

Reckitt Benckiser

Agway/Southern States COO Wesley Wright made a total shift in advertising and marketing strategies when the WTI forecast called for a cool/wet spring (great for lawn maintenance equipment sales) followed by drought and excessive heat-waves in the summer. Agway shifted almost all of the lawn maintenance advertising and store displays with steeper than usual early season markdowns and had the best Spring sales ever. The drought and heat waves hit as expected and advertising was then focused on sprinklers, hoses, and insect control. Companies that didn’t have WTI’s year-ahead drought forecast had excessive lawn tractor inventory they couldn’t sell despite increased advertising efforts.

Agway Southern States

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