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Weather Trades offers you the unparalleled competitive advantage of pro-actively planning for the weather over a year in advance! Why wait and react when it’s already too late? Our unique insights use proprietary forecasting methodology built on math, statistics, dozens of weather variables, topography combined with our trade secret formula to accurately predict weather trends week-by-week, for 6.4 million locations in all 195 countries across the globe. We offer a complete suite of products and services including short range and year-ahead global forecasts and analytical assessments for grains, sugar, energy and other weather driven commodity markets across the globe.

Forecasting Technology

Developed over 22 years with 200,000+ man hours and 100,000+ hours of computer time, and generating forecasts for 6.4 million locations in all 195 countries and islands, a forecast Weather Trends issued one year ago is more accurate than every other weather company’s 5-14 day forecast.

  • 75% of the automated forecasting process is math-based using a combination of Gaussian Theory, Periodicity, Climate Cycles and Statistics that automatically cycle through a multi-variable 300-step decision tree of if/then scenarios to generate year-ahead by day or week with high/low temperature and weekly rain/snow forecasts by location everywhere in the world. 100% automated algorithms perform quadrillions of calculations on a Rackspace cloud-dedicated infrastructure using 5.3 million lines of code.
  • 20% of the process uses a blend of 8 traditional meteorological atmospheric and oceanic time series (PDO, SOI, QBO, AMO, etc.) to refine the initial year-ahead numerical forecast.
  • 4% is an automated location specific correction process to adjust for trend volatility biases, topographic factors and 10 to 30 year climate trend adjustments.
  • 1% is human QC from Weather Trend’s degreed meteorologists/climatologists and PhD from Rutgers University, Millersville, Penn State, Plymouth State University, and the University of Miami.

Most Accurate & Granular Approach To Long-Range Global Weather Forecasting With 80%+ Accuracy

Independently audited verifying industry-leading accuracy for both short and year-ahead forecasts; 80%+ accuracy on year-ahead temperature and precipitation forecasts. A forecast Weather Trends issued one year ago is more accurate than every other weather company’s 5 to 14-day forecasts.

1-14 Day Forecasting

14 global animated weather maps integrated with wt360’s Google Map API tracking temperature, precipitation (rain, ice and snow), wind speed/direction, satellite, lightning, UV index, sun hours, humidity, pressure, wave heights/direction, ocean temperature, earthquakes, US severe weather warnings and US radar. Complete global coverage in two mapping formats: 6 global (spherical) views and Google Map view.

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